This is the list of top 14 pelican kayaks.

. Sit-on-Top – Sentinel 100X

. Sit-on-top Pelican (Fishing) 10 Feet

. Sit-in – Sprint XR 10.75 Feet

. Maxim 100X Sit-in Lightweight one Person 10-Foot

. Sit-in-Argo 100X-10 Feet Lightweight one Person

. Pelican Unison 136t Tandem Kayak

. Sit-in – Argo 100XR Cosmos -10 Foot

. Sonic 80X Sit-On-Top 8 Feet

. Liberty 100X Angler Kayak, Sand

. Prime 100 Sit-on-top 10 Feet

. Strike 120X Angler Kayak

. Sit-in – Sprint XR one Person 12 Feet

. Tandem 130X River Gorge 13 Feet

. Pelican Solo 6



Have a boat race with friends or leisurely cruise around the pool on lazy summer days.

This 3-Person inflatable boat features a grab rope, oar locks and soft inflatable floor for easy cruising.

Set comes complete with 48” Deluxe Aluminum Oars and a Mini Hand Pump.


2 air chambers with double valves
Grab rope on bow
Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
Welded on oar locks
Includes repair patch
Persons capacity: 3



Name: Derek

First Kayak purchase so I can't really compare to others, but I love it! Took it on a "float trip" down the Arkansas River and everyone was pretty jealous of it! Had it a few times out on the lake and it did great. I can not say enough good things about Lifetime! Their customer service via e-mail pas phenomenal! Quick response, they went above and beyond what they needed to. I had an issue with my kayak that was my fault and they were quick to fix the issue for me.

Actually, he is very happy with this product and really it is a good kayak.



Our answer is:
For most docking and anchor lines, standard nylon is a good choice. It has great strength, "gives" under load to absorb energy, and is relatively inexpensive. It's also easy to handle and resists the harmful effects of sunlight better than other synthetics. It's the rope of choice for anchoring rode.