BoatPilot — augmented reality, part 2

Hello everyone!

Augmented reality feature is one of the most important oncoming BoatPilot’s updates. As evident from its name, it superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. It gives a composite view to make marine navigation much simpler. It may be especially useful at night or in bad weather conditions, as this task is not an easy one even for experienced users. Skippers must monitor different instrument readings, vessel`s position and control the vessel all at the same time, and low visibility conditions make it extremely hard.

BoatPilot aspires to become the first company in the world to introduce a navigation solution with augmented reality capabilities for private and commercial yachting markets. There are two main functions of this feature: sailing in low visibility conditions and coastal objects highlighting, as any skipper should pay special attention to various landmarks — rocks, reefs, fairway borders, port facilities, mooring lines, marinas and other vessels.

With augmented reality function any skipper can see all necessary data incorporated into actual surroundings to avoid distractions by the traditional dashboard. All the necessary data will be displayed directly above any object fairways will be projected in space, the distance to the nearest hazard will be shown in dynamics.

The augmented reality feature will be implemented directly in BoatPilot main app. It will work together with the BoatGod hardware module to provide an efficient skipper assistant for navigation in rough conditions and complicated waterways.

AR feature will receive data on the planned route, waypoints, and other key information to superimpose all the necessary information on the display. It will allow skippers to concentrate directly on controlling the yacht. We believe that our AR system will minimize navigation risks and raise the safety of waterways!