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Boat Pilot
Jun 12 · 2 min read

Onboard systems that combine all the sensors and control components of any vessel, such as SIMNET, are the common thing for most yachts. It can be realized both via hardware and wireless solutions, which are present on the market. Such systems have one disadvantage — they consist of several closed and proprietary formats, which are similar but they different in minor details that make them incompatible with each other.

BoatPilot introduced a solution to this issue — BoatGod hardware module. This module will allow a navigation program to connect to onboard networks. It will be able to to analyze information and receive or send data to the onboard network. After the protocol specification is received, we can get data from all sensors on an Android- or iOS-based portable device for further visualization and analysis using the track synchronization module.

BoatGod will allow skippers to monitor the status of any vessel’s systems. We also consider giving BoatGod capabilities to remotely control NMEA-compatible devices. These solutions are designed for private owners as well as large charter companies. They will be able to remotely monitor all onboard systems on any of their vessels.

With BoatGod modules users can also collect and analyze geo-information to refine navigational data and quickly obtain navigational information synchronized with personal mobile devices. Uploaded geo-data will be rewarded with NAVY tokens. It is literally a win-win situation: users will be able to earn money while sailing while making their contribution to the database at the same time.

Boat Pilot

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