BoatPilot’s ecosystem

Boat Pilot
Jul 15 · 1 min read

BoatPilot is not just a single navigation app, but the whole system comprised of different hardware and software components. There are three main elements: BoatPilot navigation app itself, service app and BoatGod — hardware module designed to collect data from onboard systems and sensors.

Software part of the BoatPilot’s ecosystem combines navigation functions and all additional services that are useful for any yachtsman. At the same time, BoatGod is the hardware part of the project. The module connects directly to the onboard system of any vessel to collect marine data and transfer it via Wi-Fi. BoatGod collects data with high precision, the data is later used to update marine navigation charts.

The module is based on unique components designed exclusively for this project. Each component can be either used as a part of the system, or as a ready-made solution by other marine navigation manufacturers and marine chart aggregators.

There are no direct analogues or competing integrated solutions on the market at the moment. We hope that Innovations that will be used in our project will affect not only the end-users of marine navigation systems, but also navigation equipment manufacturers!

Boat Pilot

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Marine Navigation Service

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