Meet our new advisor, Andrew Rippon

Boat Pilot
Feb 20, 2018 · 2 min read
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Today we are proud to introduce Andrew Rippon as one of BoatPilot’s most experienced business and blockchain technology advisors. Andrew brings with him a wealth of expertise, having founded several digital and consulting companies and supporting many of successful ICOs and businesses around the globe as the professional advisor and consultant. He is now an industry pundit with a unique vision of market trends and game-changer technologies.

Andrew Rippon is one of the most acknowledged and authoritative professionals in the blockchain industry. His industry journey started at the dawn of the blockchain era in 2012, when he was involved in cryptocurrencies circulation while working on crypto-to-fiat exchanges. Today, he is an independent blockchain consultant, having recently been the Blockchain Lead at NXN, developing the technology of cryptocurrencies intersection and intensifying the blockchain technology utility. Andrew is also supporting startups within the space and advises several newly founded companies on technology development, strengthening, and governance. Recently Andrew has been the advisor for Goal Bonanza, Fiduxa (co-founder as well), Eggs, and several other token generation events.

Andrew has led initiatives to bring the power of internet technologies into businesses and governments and continues to work on the cutting edge, now specializing in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. He has worked on many consumer gaming, entertainment, and practical applications. Recently he worked with startups, advising on their ICOs settings, structure, and execution.

Andrew is also working on models to leverage cryptocurrencies within consumer focused applications, including personal data, gamification, and asset management applicability.

As a leader of blockchain practice at NXN, Andrew has put in place a consortium to deliver complex solutions, and is currently working on blockchain use cases for government and real estate customers. Solutions in these spaces are all about creating end-to-end and true digital workflows that allow greater efficiency and make a step change in customer satisfaction. Examples of such use cases can be seen in the automation of government services for citizens and residents. Equally, processes within real estate development involving asset management, sales, and tenant management can potentially disrupt the market.

Having graduated from Staffordshire University in the UK with a business focused degree and gained his deep technical knowledge afterward, Andrew has a keen eye for the impact of technology on solving organizational problems and creating new ways of operating to advance the achievements of strategic goals.

We are glad to welcome Andrew Rippon as BoatPilot advisor! In our project, Andrew has a chance to combine his expertise on blockchain technologies and usability with his love for sports and sailing. It is a great honor for us to have such a passionate professional in our team!

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