I’m from Australia, but this story is relevant anywhere in the world. Car dealers want to make as much profit as they can and resort to almost anything to achieve their goal

“In the end, most consumers can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by hiring a professional to broker the purchase of their next car. But beyond the dollars, you’re also saving hours of hassle in avoiding the traditional walk-up or even an Internet-based dealership experience” — CNBC. So then why does a new car use scare tactics?

Hello. It’s Bob Aldons from Car Business here with a…

A vehicle similar to the subject of this story

Dealer ordered to fully refund a customer for Mercedes-Benz ute worth $55,000.

I’ve taken this story by Emmaline Stigwood that appeared in the Courier Mail on September 21st 2020 about a Mercedes-Benz Ute fail. But I’m adding some comment to it. I’ve worked with a number of customers who’ve had issues with nearly new cars to older ones.

One customer asked me to assist her with a 7-year old Ford Focus that had a major gearbox complaint and another that blew an Engine Control Unit (ECU). Both issues were resolved in favour of the vehicle owner.

I recently accepted a call from Dave, an elderly gent from Palmwoods Qld. Dave owns a…

Hyundai i30NTheir first performance car, and they’ve nailed it. Affordable and fun to drive

Before waxing lyrical about my time in the Hyundai i30 N Fastback, I just want to thank the COO of Hyundai, John Kett, for the opportunity to test drive the Hyundai range. I know that a lot of journalists, small and large, want to drive as many brands as they possibly can, myself included. But arguably there are more requests than there are cars, so it’s special when I get the opportunity to add one of Australia’s best selling brands to my portfolio. …

Since early March, business for most of the new car dealers in Australia has virtually stopped. April Year on Year figures have the industry down over 48% and that hurts.

Prospective new car buyers have decided that it’s not the time to be going to car dealers to buy.

Great time to buy a new 2019 Audi A4

In any market, there are two types of buyers. Those who want to buy a car and those who need to.

So, I’m being asked on the way to get the best car deals and truck deals in the current market.

The ‘need’ buyers (car has been stolen, taken off the…

I’ve been driving a Mercedes-Benz CLA-45 AMG for nearly 12 months now. When I bought it, I was ever so close to buying a Kia Stinger GT but stayed with the European marque.

And I’m still regretting not going with the Kia Stinger. So when Kia Motors Australia offered me the opportunity to test the 330S for a week, I jumped at the chance and more so I could do a back to back comparison between the CLA-45 and this car.

A beautiful sunrise shows off the Kia Stinger to its best potential

So to start this comparison, I’m looking at the following

Mercedes CLA-45 AMG v Kia Stinger 330S

Power Output…

You may recall the movie Invictus from 2009 starring Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon and directed by Clint Eastwood about the South African Rugby team winning the Rugby World Cup in 1995

Or more recently, the Invictus Games, started by Prince Harry (Formerly known as his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex) with its first event in London 2014.

Invictus Games

Or as my memory recalls the last 2 lines of Invictus the poem by William Ernest Henley

So as we progress through this damn Corona Virus, the full poem by Henley is worth recounting.

Congratulations and thanks to those ‘unconquerable souls’ who…

National Seniors, Fifty Up, OK Over 45, War Veterans, Pensioners, and Self-Funded Retirees are all members of a wide buying demographic with one of the most substantial disposable incomes.

Typically they’re cautious with their money but arguably depend on the right advice before they spend. It’s disheartening to see them taken advantage of by some operators.

I’ve done some investigation recently as to how buying groups, advocates and new car brokers do their business. And what I found was a bit of a worry.

Bill & Sandy from Scarborough purchased a new Mazda CX-5 through Car Business

To me, it seems that these buying groups are more interested in the profit they make…

“Everybody hates buying a new car”

Buying a new car?

I’m Bob Aldons from Car Business and The Car Guy. The place where new car buyers save serious money (thousands) on the purchase of their next new car AND get honest opinions on the cars that I review. Hit me up on either website if you have questions — I’ve got answers. (Just click on the link)

Before you Buy Your New Car or anything else for that matter, you must read this.

We’re living in strange times at the moment. Over 100 years ago, The Spanish Flu infected 500,000,000 (Five Hundred Million) people…

New Car Stockpiles are Growing — Time for a Great Deal

Now more so than ever, prospective new car buyers are reluctant to visit new car dealers and I can understand why.

Corona Virus or Covid-19 is causing major disruption to the auto industry and particularly the purchase of new cars.

In ‘normal’ times, if you don’t want to use a new car broker like me, my advice is to visit up to four new car dealers selling the brand that you’re interested in.

With Corona Virus rampant, many buyers will only visit one dealer and therein lies the problem.

You see, new car dealers want to make as much profit…

It’s that time of year when I’m checking the figures I’ve been paying for various things, and this article is about life insurance.

I listen to 1116 (4BC) when I’m driving around during the day. I’ve heard a lot of life insurance ads being aired through the 50Up Club for Noble Oak. So I thought I’d check them out for myself.

22% Discount on a Life Insurance Plan which is 3 times more expensive than another. What discount?

Bob Aldons

Automotive Industry Expert — Broker, Journalist, Advocate

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