Nexgard Coupon — from $34.99 — Save Money!

Buy Nexgard at a low cost from $34.99 – 3-month supply

If you are looking for a Nexgard Coupon, then you are probably a value-shopper just like me. When I first started looking at Nexgard for my dog, I just couldn’t believe how expensive it is. The vet charges over $100+ for a 6-month supply…that’s pretty crazy!

This led me to begin my internet search for a coupon for Nexgard, or some other discount to try and lower the cost.

As I began searching online, I came across quite a few sites that offer various discount offers on Nexgard. Most of the “big boys” run periodic sales, or offer a percentage off through their sales. But even with these sales, the price was still pretty high, with 6-packs running in the $90 range.

But then I got super lucky, and happened across a site that sells this popular flea and tick product at an every-day great price; no coupon needed! I now buy from there whenever I need to re-supply for my pup, and plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

I know you are probably in a hurry, so I will go ahead and show you where I purchase my discounted Nexgard from, but if you want to learn more, feel free to continue reading more!

I purchase from a company called Paradise Petstore where they sell Nexgard starting at $34.99 for a 3-month supply. Right below here I will put a link to take you straight to their Nexgard page:

Why don’t I need a coupon for Nexgard for the best price?

See, I actually learned a good bit from this whole exercise. I assumed that by using a coupon at a place like 1800petmeds, etc, I would come away with the best deal, but I was mistaken.

You see, they, and a lot of the bigger “well-known” companies actually spend a lot of money on marketing. The reason they do this is because it builds brand-awareness. People who are more familiar with more well-known stores are more likely to purchase there…which means they can charge more money!

And since they are charging more, they have a lot more “wiggle room”, in which they can offer coupons as well.

In addition to that, they actually NEED to charge more money in order to make up for all the money they spend on that marketing I just mentioned. ;-)

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to search and find smaller companies who aren’t as big, and don’t have the same marketing budgets. Because they don’t have these extra costs, a lot of times they can charge less for the same products.

You just may have to dig really deep to find them, since they are not nearly as visible as the bigger companies.

Why I chose Paradise Petstore

When I first came across Paradise Petstore, I was definitely impressed with the pricing. They sell Nexgard starting at $34.99 for a 3-month supply for small dogs, which is awesome.

On top of that, shipping is only $2.99 with no order minimum, and they ship worldwide.

Even though they don’t offer customer support over the phone, it hasn’t been an issue for me, as the few times I’ve had to get in touch, I was able to communicate via email just fine.

The customer service reps I have spoken to were very nice. No complaints here!

Now, I will mention one potential drawback (even though it wasn’t a big deal for me). Their distribution center is not located in the US, so if you (like me) are in the USA, delivery time an take a little longer. It has been my experience that delivery is usually around 11 days after I order; give or take.

But to me it’s really not a big deal. I just remember to order about a week earlier than I normally would! And for the savings, it’s totally worth it.


Well, I hope this article is helpful for you. I went through a lot in my search for a Nexgard coupon, and even though I never actually found one, I found something better — an amazing price on Nexgard. (which is the whole point of using a coupon anyway! Haha)

I would definitely recommend you check Paradise Petstore out, if you are looking to save money….and you don’t even need a coupon for Nexgard to score those big savings.

And that’s a deal in my book. ;-)