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Riemann’s Zeta function over the integers n or primes p

Today Atiyah gave a talk at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum about his “proof” of the Riemann Hypothesis. This lies at the intersection of two of my passions: theoretical physics and cryptography. Also I spent 2 years at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Heidelberg. Before we touch on Atiyah’s talk, let’s examine the Zeta function for a moment and why the Riemann Hypothesis is important for physics and may be as important for cryptography.

The Zeta function lies at the intersection of the integers and complex analysis. It’s a piece of outright black magic. …

A “stablecoin” is an attempt to create a synthetic asset that is “more stable” than its underlying constituents. In this article we prove that the only workable stablecoins are those that are composed of a simple (weighted) average of assets, more commonly called a “basket” or simply, “diversification of your portfolio”.

While stablecoins are on the forefront of the mind of crypto enthusiasts, and bolstered by the success of Tether, this is not a new idea. There are currently 66 countries that peg their currency to the US dollar and 25 that peg theirs to the Euro. The motivation is…

Bob McElrath

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