I understand the pain and hurt, so do many others.
Roger Hawcroft

I liked your response, well thought out and written, cheers.

However (and just didn’t you know that there would be a however) this bit caught my eye.

‘Yes, Hilary Clinton is an establishment figure and has made decisions in government that some people haven’t liked. — Name me a politician that hasn’t.’

Let’s be clear, I don’t have a dog in this fight.

If I dislike both major candidates I could write in a name or vote for a minor. Both of these options could be considered to be a wasted vote.

I want my vote to count.

If I vote Clinton (even though I despise her) she, because she is establishment and knows how the system works, can get stuff done.

If I vote Trump (even though I despise him) he, because he isn’t establishment and hasn’t got a clue, can’t get anything done.

So it boils down to Effective candidate who does (in my eyes) stuff I don’t want or clueless idiot who does nothing.

There are no good candidates so my interests lie in damage limitation.

In this case the lesser of two evils is Trump.

Game theory in action

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