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Well done Ethan, what you say is correct but don’t expect any thanks from the rest of the Democrats, they are still in denial.

The problem the Democrats have is that they are an exclusive party, anybody not ‘progressive’ enough or who holds views that are the wrong type of ‘progressive’ is denounced and pilloried.

Just because someone is a misogynistic homophobe doesn’t mean their opinions on bovine TB are invalid and yet this person will be hounded out of the lab by party acolytes.

The ‘holier than thou’ attitude is apparent in all of the leadership and anybody not jumping through the right hoops in the correct order has no chance of having their views heard.

The party has become a meritocracy and is trying to impose this paradigm on everybody else as can be seen by ‘Uniquely Unqualified’.

Those of you who think a meritocracy is no bad thing should read ‘The Rise of the Meritocracy’ by Michael Young, he coined the phrase and the book is a warning not a manual.

The Democratic Party itself is highly likely to implode in an orgy of internal blame and recriminations, it is likely to shift violently leftwards as those groups with the loudest voices push out the electable moderates.

Most Democrat voters want reasonable and sensible inclusive policies, what they saw with the current leadership was the pandering to some vocal minorities at the expense of everyone else and that this was being done solely to entrench that leadership.

Unless the Democrats can bring the ship around and start to include rather than exclude ordinary people they will ensure the GOP goes from strength to strength.

The Democrats themselves will be the ones to blame for a Two Term Trump.

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