Every talk show gets guests who are there to plug their current movie, album, tour, or whatever is…
Melissa Myer

  • Eminem just joined sides with the same morality police that tried to silence him early in his career, and said “fuck you” to the majority of people who buy his music. He has every right to say anything he wants, my point is that his attack is the same old retoric.
  • If you think Trump’s comments were about Mexicans (who aren’t a race), you must equate all Mexicans in this country to the illegal immigrants he’s referring to, whom the “stars” protect as their servant class. Mexicans aren’t the only illegal aliens, either.
  • Re: domestic terrorism, are you referring to the leftist who shot republicans playing baseball or the nut who sprayed bullets into a country music festival? Maybe Antifa throwing bombs, bleach, urine and beating people over the head with bike locks in the name of Anarcho-Communism?
  • The all time annual human trafficking arrest record was 2000 in 2016, the new DOJ had 1500 in January alone.

These tactics aren’t going to win back any power; they are playing right out of outdated leftist playbooks designed to tear down the west. Maybe try ditching intersectionality, identity politics and be actual liberals.