Objective feedback and getting hired

We started Try Catch with a clear mission; to build a community of developers helping other developers in landing their dream job. The pre-assessments our expert developers do form a vital part of Try Catch. Following up on last week’s post, I would now like to take the time to discuss the experiences of the developers undergoing these assessments. Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts. I’d be glad to talk further!

The common feeling amongst developers is that they very rarely receive feedback during or after a recruitment process. Many of the companies simply do not have (or take) the time provide applicants with (extensive) feedback on their skills, the considerations of the companies, and the specific reasons for rejection. Leave alone some insights into how the developer could improve to (hopefully) be more successful next time. This is often lamented on the side of the developers, as it leaves them in the dark as to what is hindering them from moving into the position they’d love to be in.

Hence, most of the developers I’ve been talking to emphasised that it’s “great to receive valuable and objective feedback on my skills.” Although specific requirements of course differ per company and role, this has enabled them to benchmark themselves against other developers and get a deeper understanding of what’s required to work for leading tech companies across Europe. It has given them a good understanding of their own position within the market.

In getting into the desired companies, the pre-screening of skills and knowledge we do at Try Catch also has enabled developers “to prepare and warm up for internal processes.” To get comfortable and confident again in doing technical interviews, in doing coding challenges and in discussing your own code with external people. Apart from freshening up on their knowledge, for example when it comes to common data structures and algorithms, the developers also said that they “enjoyed trying and discussing new things and solutions to see if they could be viable alternatives”.

Lastly, the developers receive tips and tricks on how to go about improving their code or sharpen their knowledge. Although many state that they much enjoy figuring this out themselves based on the feedback solely, the resources provided for improvement aid them in getting ahead.

We’re proud to be engaging with so many great developers on a daily basis, and help them in landing their dream job.

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