What it Will Take to Get People to Pay for News
The Local News Lab

Journalism is important and good journalism is worth paying for. It’s not enough to engage with the community, that’s simply marketing. What I will and do pay for is objectivity and substance.

“trust is our greatest challenge” — no shit Sherlock. Do people trust the media today? Fox News is the PR arm of the Republican party and we can all think of other more local examples of newspapers or media outlets shilling for the local politicians. There is almost no investigative journalism anymore. The press is running scared and the powers that be know it. Donald Trump cages the media at his events and doesn’t let the unfriendlies in at all. The press allows itself to be managed, how can we really trust it unless it is truely independent?

Many newspaper websites are simply clickbait. The stories are often slammed together with little thought Does anyone even employ editors any more? The misspellings, wrong words and awful grammar on the websites of major market dailies is appalling. Someone wants us to pay for this crap?

I will be happy to subscribe to more news media, but I have to get something in return.

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