The Terrifying Hubris of Corbynism
Matt Bolton

Excellent piece. The Labour party under Corbyn has felt less and less inclusive by the week and your essay helped clarify many of my thoughts on why that was. At first I thought perhaps it was the Marxist approach being adopted with it’s over-focus on class and less attention to the realities of multiple other oppression including racism and sexism which telling supporters to just ‘cut it out’ doesn’t really address, but now I realize it’s less to do with the theoretical approach (because, ideally, that can be amended if the majority feels it necessary) and more to do with the top-down tone set which, as you highlighted, somewhat totalitarian in nature, of refusing to listen to, let alone accept and respond to alternate ideas. Under Corbyn, a different opinion is often a ‘wrong’ one or ‘misunderstood’ one which requires merely more lecturing until they ‘get it’. It’s the tone which leads to binary, either/or thinking of being ‘with us’ or ‘against us’, ‘pro-Corbyn’ or ‘neoliberal Blairite’ which not only makes us vulnerable to divide-and-conquer manipulation by outside, Tory forces, but also us vulnerable to cynicism and exclusivity; where we refuse to trust anyone and bring them ‘into the tent’ for fear that too different an opinion is a threat. It’s a far cry from the positive, open, inclusive, pluralistic approach offered by Sadiq Khan throughout his Labour campaign and electoral success.

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