Rey Is Not A Solo Or Skywalker And Here Is Why [Rey’s Parents Revealed … Sort Of]

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We are used to this epic saga as it has always been told. It’s only natural that we would draw parallels to such things as Tatooine and Jakku. And yet much has changed.

The saga we have long known is breaking brave new ground.

If we are to understand this new and yet familiar world, we will have to dig a little deeper. We have to search for the HIDDEN TRUTHS tucked away in brief scenes and bits of dialog.

Lucky us. Seriously. This is awesome!

J.J. Abrams has given us the adventure we have long sought. There are mysteries to unravel and questions that need answering. All against the backdrop of the legacy characters we have loved for decades.

So what of this new world, this new Star Wars?

Gone is the Empire. Not a Sith Lord to be found anywhere. A new planet housed the Senate (only to be obliterated). And a whole new group of baddies, The First Order, has arrived on the scene.

Plus the characters themselves felt far more… real, accessible, human. All very brave moves. I doubt such bravery ends with EP 7. I hope not.

Hunting Backstory — The Knights Of Ren

Snoke’s very specifically states that Kylo is the Master of the Knights of Ren. We accept this and move on.

In fact throughout the film, Snoke’s seems rather impressed by Kylo and is shocked whenever he is bested.

“She resisted YOU?!?”

Again, we accept this and move on.

But what kind of event would need to happen to inspire this level of unconditional belief in Kylo Ren? What’s the backstory?

According to the Solos, Ben goes to the Dark Side, becomes Kylo, and as a result the Jedi Academy crumbles. But why? There has to be more to the story.

One student going dark would not shut down the entire Jedi Academy. And nowhere do we hear, in spite of what’s being posted, that Kylo went all Vader and killed a bunch younglings and aspiring Jedi ALONE.

I think we find our answer in one simple word/title: “Knight.”

The title “Knight” is NEVER used by Dark Force anything, it is exclusive to Jedi Order. It is my view that not only did Kylo turn, he turned other Jedi Knights and Padawans, too. And in so doing , The Knights of Ren are born.

Snoke’s calling Kylo the de facto Master of the Knights Of Ren with a certain tone of pride reinforces this belief.

Such a mutiny would pit Luke Skywalker, the heartfelt Jedi Master against his prized pupils. One of which is his nephew! It is easy to see why such a battle would inspire his collapses and self-imposed his exile.

We find more evidence of this in the recently released script that tells us the visions of violence that Rey had when touching Luke’s saber, was indeed, The Knights Of Ren sacking the Jedi Academy!

Hunting Backstory: How Rey Is Set-up As A Character

Assuming there is some truth to my Knights Of Ren theory, it stands to reason they become the evil force Rey must face and overcome.

So the crazy level of Force Power she enjoys would make sense, as a plot device on many levels.

But her massive Force powers seem to have caught everyone by surprise, Dark and Light — even her! Perhaps there is more to this story of Rey than merely her Force powers? Which requires a different path. A very human path.

And remember, unlike Luke and Leia, she was NOT safely tucked away

She was entrusted to the care of Simon Pegg’s character (Unkar Plutt) which we find out via her flashback. And we know by Plutt’s actions, him ratting BB-8 out, that he is aligned with or at least, willing to sell out to, The First Order.

Would Luke or the Solos abandon their daughter to a known supporter of the The First Order?

Would they put their child her in the middle of nowhere to starve and face potential death?

The movie goes to great lengths to establish her affection for the Republic. She has the Republic pilot doll, she lovingly pops on an X-wing pilot’s hat (as though it were a family heirloom).

It’s the tone of these moments that struck me.

The tone was not about becoming but rather, it was about that which already existed. A deeper truth. An unstated internal compass.

Perhaps one of her parents was a well known Republic pilot? Perhaps she was just trying to comfort herself by believing good still existed somewhere in the galaxy?

She also states very clearly that she is already a pilot (to Finn).

Her knowledge about the Falcon tells us a lot, too.

She notes “it’s a piece of garbage”. She tells Finn where the gunner’s portal was. She has mechanical expertise with the Falcon. All this tells me, clearly, she had already worked on it.

And yet, here we are again with this one big problem, she was totally clueless as to her own Force powers. Totally! But when it becomes clear to her that she does indeed, possess Force powers, and she seems mostly fine with it.

I think we are seeing the survivor here, the human being, not the future Jedi. In fact, it was only when she closed her eyes to mindfully get in touch with The Force, that we get ANY glimpse of her as a Jedi.

No, it was the survivor we saw, a survivor using Force powers and whatever else she could muster, to overcome the obstacles of the moment. Star Wars, it would appear, it back to being a story about characters on a grand adventure.

All this tells me that she is a part of a prophecy, known or unknown, that we have yet to hear about.

I think Maz knew or sensed this prophecy. I think that Force-imbued locker knew of this prophecy. But the biggest evidence of this comes from the novelization of the movie.

According to the book version, when Rey uses the Force to retrieve Luke’s lightsaber from the snow, Kylo exclaims, “It is you!” Many have taken this to mean she is of Luke’s heritage.

I think he is referring to a prophecy we have yet to hear of.

The Force visions embedded within Luke’s lightsaber connected her to the path that would become her destiny. And that destiny is somewhat known to Maz, to Luke and yes … to Kylo Ren.

And regardless of Maz’s statement that she is “no Jedi”, she is clearly Force Sensitive. She tells Finn that Rey and BB-8 needs him, sight unseen. The only way she could know this is to have sensed it through The Force.

Hunting Backstory: Skywalker/Solos As Horrible Parents?

Which takes us back to how she was left as a child. Either she (a) had crappy parents that dumped her for some credits or, (b) her parents that cared for her.

If it’s the latter, why did they entrust her to a First Order loyalist?

On a desolate planet where the chance of her death was very high?

I think she was SOLD to the evil junker Plutt as a slave of sorts, or something kin to indentured servanthood.

We get evidence of this from a brief moment where she is scrubbing up salvaged items and gets distracted, staring off into the sky. A creature of some sort confronts her, telling her, essentially- get back to work!

If she was scrubbing up parts SHE OWNED and was merely selling, no one would be able to tell her to get back to work.

And if Lars was her guardian, why would he not have immediately let her know who she was when his death was certain? And would he have let her suffer as much as she did in Jakku?

Obi-wan did not interfere in Luke’s life because Luke’s uncle and aunt were good, loving caretakers. Same with Leia.

Then there was the rumor that in Disney’s Infinity game, Kylo called Rey “cousin”. Disney has since come out to say the word uttered was, “curses” not cousin.

When we take a look at all these facts, none of them add up to Luke being her dad nor the Solos being her parents.

Hunting Backstory: Luke Skywalker’s Reaction To Rey

Does the look on Luke’s face seem like a, “Oh beloved daughter of mine, you have come home!” kind of look? No!

Now that the script is out, it specifically calls for a tortured look. But it never connects Rey as his daughter. People assume that but in truth, I think it’s the sacking of his academy that is behind his tortured look.

Followed by surprise.

Remember, she is extending out to him the lightsaber that was once Vader’s and his.

Rey represents going back, starting over, facing ALL OF these demons, facing his nephew- again.

Weight. Agony. Doubt. Pain.

That is what I see in Luke Skywalker’s face. Not a family reunion.

And the loss of his dear friend, Han Solo, at the hand of one of his former students. I seriously doubt Leia was the only one to feel it in The Force.

There is nothing about Luke’s emotional tone that says father/daughter. In fact, the tone is just the opposite.

And yet, we got the sense he somehow knew her.

Again, I come back to this idea of a prophecy we have yet to hear about. Just as young Anakin’s strength in The Force convinced the Masters he was The Chosen One, so it may be the case here.

Luke knows of this prophecy. He senses her presence in The Force. He senses the trials she will face and her role in all of this.

But could he also be sensing something else, something familiar?

I think our deep examination of various backstories when coupled with her flashback montage (wherein the younger and older voices of Obi-wan are heard calling her by name), we are left with a lienage that is rather complex.

Rey Is Somehow A Descendant Of Obi-wan Kenobi

The Dark Force savant Kylo Ren, named after Ben Kenobi (“Help me Obi-wan, you’re my only hope!”) does battle with the bloodline of Kenobi… Rey.

The story remains about good versus evil, dark versus light, and yet again, the broken Skywalker family remains at very center of it all.

Skywalker blood gone Dark versus Kenobi blood blossoming toward the Light.

The saga continues …

Let me know what you think!

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