Behind the Lens: 2016 Year in Photographs

For the second year, I am happy to share with you some of the pictures that caught my attention in 2016.

It is my intention to present -through the medium; my annual collection of photographs. All year, I’ve been traveling around our beautiful country and I have seen a lot of hardworking women and men, happy families that have overcome a lot of barriers, couples that have lived together even when one of them in HIV+ and many more. I have also seen the beauty of our nation, great roads, security, infrastructure, landscape etc. All this, I have been able to capture because I want to share with the world #My250.

Each of these photos has a story and I have shared their stories too, to provide further context as to why each was particularly important to me. Last year, most of the photos where random; but this time I chose to stick more to the community and stories of impact that are never told. I did throw in some scenery and random shots that I captured (they just had to be shared).

The editing part wasn't easy too because I had over 10,000 to pick from but because since I had shared my “Mid-Year collection”, I just had a few more photos left over. I hope you like this collection not only for the pictures but the stories.

I wanted to share with you these two photos because they tell a special story to me. When If irst came to #Rwanda; there were not many street lights, buildings were covered in darkness, little or no cars after 6pm, shops would close by 6pm and people were fearful all the time. 22 years now we have a glittering city, buildings come up everyday, new roads are constructed in every corner of the city, shops work 24/7 and this is a result of good and strong leadership.
I met these young guys in Bugesera and as there were coming from school, they asked if I could take a picture of them. I asked them if they were best friends and they agreed that they play soccer together and the girls said they also study together.
As you all know being a goalkeeper is one of the boring positions in soccer but when it comes to village football, its also the most boring position because you have to wait for the ball that never comes. haha
After taking that picture of a goalkeeper, I thought it would be good to also show you where the ball was. As a kid you have to let the big boys play upfront and you stay behind though you are blamed for every goal. This is where talent starts with a ball made of banana leaves.
You have seen them or you will see them. These are some of the many women that carry their products on their heads as they rush to the market. I took these pictures out in the countryside as they woke up early in the morning to get to the market. They walk 1 hour to the market and 1 hour back by foot.
Again, some of the women that work hard everyday to feed their communities even on a sunny day with their babies on their back.
Have you ever wondered what happens in the villages during Christmas? One of the days in December I visited a market in Ngoma; where you can find anything from the bicycle repairing spot to a young guy with a Messi jersey trying to buy sunglasses and a man riding his bicycle to get some Skol beer drinks.
Another day in the church as I was taking a shade. This church in Nyamasheke is on of the many church that people come to on Sunday and as I was there an old woman (in her 90s) told me that she had fellowshipped there all her life and she loves coming to see the windows and the beauty of the church. For that reason I took these pictures.
A year of a full moons….
It’s a festive season and I found these ladies walking from the market to do some shopping. Market days are twice a week in #NgomaDistrict and these ladies with their babies on their backs ( that’s why they have umbrellas) they had to get something for Christmas. #Africa #Rwanda#AfricaMothers #Shopping #Christmas#2016
A happy day for a mother and her son.
One of my favorite pictures of 2017. Captured this in the countryside and it was around 9am when 2 elders were greeting each other as they were going to the market. If you have every been given a hug from grandma or grandpa you know what this feels like. I personally thought it was lovely to see the joy in their eyes as they exchanged their greetings and share it with the world. #Rwanda #Hobeeeee
For most part of the year, the sunsets have been breathtaking and i have been able to capture most of them from my office balcony or on the road traveling. These are some of the pictures that i hadn't shared in my previous posts.
Captured these in #Kibuye on a retreat and Ijust enjoyed the views.
All these three couples share one story and that’s a story of faithfulness. All three had separated but because their churches cared for them, they were trained them on faithfulness and how a family is God’s plan. You can tell from their faces they are better couples now. i enjoyed their smiles and love as you can see.
Yes, another from those amazing #Sunsets of October
A young guy and his sister take care of their cows as they head home after a long day out.
The sun disappears from one of the 1000 hills of Rwanda.
I loved the lighting coming through the church as some of the worshipers (not shown) were fellowshipping. it was early morning and the church had come out early too.
#Sunsets in #Rwanda
I took these on my way to Gikongoro and I asked the driver what these sites were, he said that one was a memorial site and the other was a truck destroyed during the 1994 Tutsi genocide. I asked why they were still there and he said the people wanted to keep them there.
Wanted to share with you my great friend Alice who shares her talent performing arts at church. This was during the annual Christmas production #Cantata that takes place at Christian Life Assembly.
My friend Sonia Mugabo is a Fashion designer and these are some shots from her new collections on the grand opening of her new shop at#MarroitKigali
One of the village leaders comes to a community meeting and parks his bicycle next to some benches. Bicycles are one of the main means of transport in the village.