Year in Review 2015

This year for me as a photographer had lots of memories . Some were great, Some not so great and others were breathtaking. From shooting the the landscape of my beautiful country, to the rolls hills and the smiles of the people of Rwanda, this to me gives me joy.

Am a freelance photographer and i have put together some of my best shots of the year 2015. Some photos were shot with my phone Samsung Galaxy S.6 and other were shot using my Canon Rebel T5. These are my own photos and to me they tell a story of what i do.

Deco made in Rwanda
The people and The City
The First Lady and The President
The Forest and The Monkey
The Riders gave the Nation great Joy
The City on the rise
Lake Kivu as seen from Rusizi
Cantata 2015 at CLA gave joy to the City
The Land of Thousand Hills
The city as from from above and through the glass
Diner en blanc 2015
The People and Culture
The Nyungwe Forest and An abandoned Boat buy the lake
The Baby, The City and A Mum.
A Performer and the Church
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