What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled
David Siegel

As a libertarian , I expect States to show their commonalities with Mafias , but the willful ignorance displayed by many government officials in the war on the molecule which is the source of carbon to carbon based life has crossed the threshold to criminal malfeasance . It has become a war on rationality itself .

Just to flesh out the hard physics side of things , While Gore gets a D in science , Hansen gets an F in physics .

I showed in a Heartland presentation , http://cosy.com/Science/HeartlandBasicBasics.html , that Hansen’s claim that Venus’s extreme surface temperature is due to a spectral “greenhouse effect” is quantitatively absurd by an order of magnitude ,

Since then , in a discussion on WattsUpWithThat , a blogger who goes by the name HockeySchtick answered my mantra : Show Us Your Equations .

He does . See , eg : http://hockeyschtick.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-greenhouse-equation-predicts.html .

While I think Hockey’s derivations ought be restructured to make it clearer that Gravity is the force maintaining the equilibrium from the radiating Top of Atmosphere and the warmer bottom , his calculations match Venus’s estimated 735 Kelvin surface temperature within less than 2% .

Hansen and the warmists offer NO quantitative computation at all .

Because they can’t . Gravity is the only asymmetric force capable of satisfying the Divergence Theorem which requires the mean internal energy density ( temperature ) of an externally heated ball to equal that calculated for its surface .

Thus Hansen’s F in undergraduate physics .