It takes a village
Brendon Harre

Interesting. I’d be interested in more recent data — 2013 was roughly when it became possible for an average child to have a 24 hr per day existence on social media. Having a 19 year old it is clear that for most kids it isn’t life changing but I do wonder if there is a subset of youngsters who are more susceptible and use social media to escape real human interaction? And if so is it beneficial to the socially maladjusted or driving them to suicide.

Jacinda is pushing a mental health nurse in every school and she said suicides had increased recently but never explained why.

“ activity card per child to pay for community activities” — would it be better to issue cards that cover the whole family not just the child? What about small towns and rural locations that have no or minimal community activities? Is there any evidence that suicide occurs with greater frequency in large anonymous cities?

Are immigrant families over-represented? An alien culture may be stimulating for some and frightening for others.

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