Do Dogs Watch DogTV?

The other day I was watching tv and my dog Blondie (who LOVES to push buttons on my remote control) switched the channel to something interesting. I look up and low and behold she has selected a channel called DogTV. I rubbed my eyes and thought for a second that I was imagining things. Unfortunately for Blondie and I, we were unable to view this DogTV channel since I was not a subscriber. However, I was so intrigued by the fact that my dog had somehow managed to switch on a channel just for dogs that I decided to do more research. Plus, you have to admit that it is pretty funny to think for a second that your dog may want to watch their own shows once in a while. :)

This is where it all began. Blondie is a smart bitch. She knows how to keep her man happy.

For those that are unfamiliar with it, DogTV is a channel that you can subscribe to so that your beloved Fido or Fifi isn’t bored while you are away. It’s the TV station that is just for dogs. So ok, it sounded harmless and all. I decided to order it for Blondie and my other dog MuShu and see what we thought. Surely I’ve wasted $4.99 in stupider ways than that in my lifetime. And it certainly made for an interesting conversation with the sales rep when I called to order. What Blondie wants Blondie gets. I guess you can say my dogs are a little spoiled… Haha!

So I ordered it... And I start watching with my furkids. And no joke, I am noticing them watching the TV. Well I’ll be damned!

The funny thing about all of this though is that Blondie was the reason we have DogTV but she doesn’t really watch it as much.

MuShu, my Chinese Crested, on the other hand is a huge fan! Such a big fan that he prompted me to write this to give props.

I’ll be honest, when I researched DogTV, I came across some naysayers saying that since the dogs couldn’t smell the dogs and things on the TV, that they wouldn’t be entertained by it at all or even watch it, etc. I decided to order it anyway and I certainly am happy about my purchase. It may not work for all dogs but the fact that one of my dogs watches it and likes it, makes it worth the $4.99 a month to me. I will continue my subscription.

I took a video of my dog watching DogTV to share with you. Watch the video and listen carefully towards the end.

It is hilarious! There’s a scene where a dog is laying on the beach. It’s a huge dog and in real life this dog could probably kick my dog’s ass six ways to Sunday. So I’m laying in bed and I hear MuShu start growling. I look up at the screen and sure enough he is growling at this German Shepherd on TV. LOL! See for yourself. Truly amazing! The hell they don’t watch or see what’s going on on this channel! There’s proof right there that they do.

Thanks so much DogTV for all the laughs and entertainment that you provide one of my babies. Love and pawprints up from your biggest fan in Las Vegas. :)