Bobbi Dare
Jun 8 · 1 min read

I love your work Phaylen, there was a time that I would write a lengthy reply in support of your opinions. Sadly, due to the constant barrage of people like Bindel and admittedly changes in myself, I cannot mentally process such political arguments anymore.

The final straw came when I tried to defend a trans woman and her boyfriend after he posted this sweet homage to her, in return he got comments thrown at him questioning his sexuality and calling her a man! There were worse comments but the point is that all of this was in violation of Facebook’s community standards against hate speech and harassment and yet not of the comments I reported resulted in any action.

The university defended Bindel’s right to free speech, so hate = free speech apparently, and so major social media platforms also use this standard it seems.

My only option was to tune it out, just to preserve my sanity.

Thank you for keeping up the fight.

    Bobbi Dare

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    Curious, supportive, bi, transgender and struggling to make sense of my gender identity in mid-life