Susan Sarandon: Women are not vaginas.

i am with susan. the gender of the president is not as important to me as to what i feel the president wants to (and hopefully will) do. bernie has been saying the same thing for decades and i truly believe most americans agree with him, whether or not they want to admit it. hillary does not get a pass or some entitlement because she is a woman. i am a bernie supporter. if hillary is the nominee, i will vote for her, but i’d prefer bernie. also, many of these women feel if they vote for hillary, they will get bill too. to me that is a put down saying that hillary can always turn to bill if she is not sure of what to do. do not tell me she is the best qualify and then throw in bill too like he will come to her rescue if she screws up. right now bernie is talking about what is important to the american people and wants to do things to make it better and easier for those who are not rich. because of bernie, hillary has been forced more left, but my feeling is once elected she will go back to her comfort zone which is being a centrist. the democratic party did so many good things when they were left of center, and i’d like to see that again.

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