Why I’m not staking my future on MeteorJS.
Calvin Froedge

You make some good points, but I thought much the same as you in my first few weeks trying to get to grips with Meteor.

I’ve now been with it some time (~2 years) and it took me at least a few months (and a few flat-out failed projects) to realise that most of the things you have in the disadvantages section are easily overcome (or even become advantageous) by doing things ‘the Meteor way’ instead of trying to do everything the (old) Node way, or worse, the way of some other framework.

Meteor gets a hell of a lot more powerful when you stop trying to do the same stuff you’ve been doing in Node with it, and realise it’s actually for something else. It works differently, and you have to work with rather than fight it every step of the way, to really get its best.

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