Taking the Time

There are times when stepping away from the hustle may actually help you.

We see that hustle can be key in business and sealing the deal, but there are times when other important things arise with family and make you realize that there are other unconventional places that you need to be.

Work can happen anywhere today thanks to technology, which is fabulous and all, but it can also create tension when we should really be 100% focused somewhere else.

Family means everything to me. When someone calls, I’m there- whether it is staying up late at night working on math problems with my 9 year old sister no matter if we are in the same house or in two different time zones or staying 12 hours at the hospital with my grandpa. You cannot replace these moments.

Yesterday, I had the chance to spend with my little sister playing at the park for a few hours. My mind was focused on her, and interestingly enough creative ideas started to flow. If you are hitting a creative block, it’s time to do something unconventional and get out of your routine.

From creating obstacle courses on the playground equipment to laying in the fallen leaves on the ground, I know for a fact that this time spent together was not only relaxing and worthwhile, but also created more ideas for this week than not going to the park and sitting in front of my Macbook.

We always try to put restrictions on what we have time for in life saying “I have time for this, but not this.”

How often do you actually take the opportunity and do something different and out of the norm?

It’s when we break out of the norm that new ideas come to fruition that may not have risen to the top of the pile before.

Yes, it’s great to have the hustle as we all have to survive, but there are times that taking the time with family may get us closer to the hustle than we have ever thought.

We only have this one life. Live it to the fullest.

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