5 Lessons on Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Dec 18, 2016 · 3 min read

originally posted on Ontraport Blog written by Tatiana Doscher

What happens when you take a group of software developers and plop them in the woods for three days without wifi, cell phone reception or server access?

Well — amazing things, actually.

ONTRAPORT’s 2015 Success Awards Best in Class winner, Bobbilee Hartman, does exactly that through Rails Camp USA West. Inspired by the success of the original Rails Camp in Australia, a wilderness camping retreat for Ruby programmers, Bobbilee became passionate about bringing the brilliant idea to the west coast. She soon realized that organizing an “unconference” of this caliber would be anything but easy — especially while balancing her other full time responsibilities. As a full time engineer, Full Stack Development Mentor for Bloc, Inc. AND Head Organizer of Rails Camp USA West, Bobbilee epitomizes the drive, dedication and work-life balance that entrepreneurs covet.

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Rails Camp USA West 2015, Camp Jack Hazard, Stanislaus National Forest, CA

Here are the five lessons we learned from Bobbilee Hartman and Rail Camp USA West on maintaining perspective and a healthy work-life balance:

1. Sometimes You Just Need To Unplug

2. You Love What You Do, But You Don’t Have To Do It All The Time

3. Get Back To Why You Started

4. It’s Ok If You’re Not An Expert

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5. If You Truly Have A Passion For It, You’ll Find The Time

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