My Response To The McCarthyists
Caitlin Johnstone

Thanks, Caitlin. Excellent documentation.

First, it’s worth noting that the U.S., like the U.K., France, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, among others, are proxies for the Anglo-Euro-American banking cartel and its corporations, as I detail here (

The cartel’s “enemies” fall into a few categories: 1) They oppose private control over money creation (such as the Federal Reserve System), which is the root cause of global dysfunction; They control assets (oil, gold, etc.) that the cartel aims to seize; and profiteering on war, disease, and ignorance.

Among the many assets controlled by the cartel, we would list the media, polling organizations, electronic voting machines, and the red and blue parties. So, while red-baiting and McCarthyism was originally identified with the red party, it is now being employed, out of necessity, by the blue party. I say out of necessity, because Trump, while still a tool of global capital, is a rogue asset, due to his dysfunctional personality issues. (My take on Trump’s appointment to the Presidency:

He would rather make money dealing with the Russians, than making war with them. This is a problem for the cartel, since their armament industry is dependent on Oceania being at war with Eurasia and Eastasia, as Orwell put it so succinctly over 70 years ago.

As a result, the intelligence agencies (primarily the CIA and NSA) flood the mass and social media with agit-prop, which is what your article is describing. Their software allows each of their operatives to control multiple profiles, and the cartel’s ownership, infiltration, and/or muscle enables them to publish whatever they want. (My take on their fake news regarding Russian hacking:

One of the ways in which I deal with this is to simply point out the trolling patterns in social media, as they appear; for example, the use of ad hominem and other logical fallacies and the refusal to reply to my citations with their facts. The only citations they ever use are from sources that they control.

Anyway, thanks for being such a strong voice and for calling out all the cartel’s misdirection, limited hangout, and agit-prop.