Top 5 famous roulette wins

roulette wins
roulette wins

When it comes to roulette wins, the history of gambling knows countless cases when a few instances where huge Jackpots were landed. There are various types of bets that you might complete. Just feel free to choose from Straight Up (1:35), Split (1:17), Street (1:11), Corner (1:8), or Six Lines (1:5) bets. As noted by a reputable roulette game portal, you might always bet on either black on red, or try choosing from odd and even numbers to double your bet. Also, you can bet on either small (1–18) or big (19–36) sectors for the same prize.

Ashley Revel US$135,000 win in 2004

This is probably one of the most memorable roulette wins ever that is followed by a great story behind the Jackpot itself. Ashley sold all his belongings in order to compete for the biggest win of his life. And by saying all belongings, we literally mean all of them since Revel even sold all of his clothes. He took a ride to Las Vegas and wagered everything he had on red. Luckily for Ashley, Roulette spun until the ball landed on 7 red. If you want to feel that atmosphere, just check the youtube video that is genuinely a memorable victory of Ashley.

Mike Ashley £1.3m win in 2008

And what about Mike Ashley, who is a reputable billionaire entrepreneur that is also known in the gambling world for his mad roulette skills? In reality, Mike went to a private gambling venue in Mayfair and made the so-called “complete 17 bet.” He wagered £480,000 on all splits, corners, six-line bets, and streets, accompanied by a bet on 17 as a number. Luckily for Ashley, who owns the English football club Newcastle United, this bet allowed him to win 1.3 million pounds via this method. Well, that’s definitely a story to tell when it comes to killer bets that shocked the gambling community.

Sean Connery $27,000 win in 1963

Although it might seem that $27,000 in comparison with winnings of Mike Ashley or Ashley Revel, but the entire story of Sean Connery is worthy of mentioning. Back in 1963, $27,000 was a relatively huge sum of money, though. This case in roulette history is overwhelming since he wagered rather uniquely.

Back in 1963, Sean did something fabulous since he was consistent and almost fully obsessed with number 17. The first two attempts turned out to be a failure, but then Connery won three times in a row by making his bets on number 17. It’s such a great story since the odds of winning three consecutive times by betting on a single number are 1:50653. What a story to tell.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle $3.5 M win in 2017

Well, we wouldn’t date making this list without including the infamous story of Pedro Grendene Bartelle. Back in 2017, Pedro, with his friends, was chilling in the gambling venue. They decided to follow the complete bet rule, which was popularized by Mike Ashley, whom we had already mentioned. By placing a similar bet, shown on the video of winnings, accompanied by a single number of Red 32, Pedro and his friends secured an overwhelming win of nearly $3.5 million. In that case, the story of Pedro is just a continuation of how people might achieve success using a complete bet.

Charles Wells pure lucky 2 million francs winning in 1891

Speaking of some classic roulette winnings, we should obviously mention Charles Wells. It all happened at the time when gambling was a niche only for the wealthiest individuals. During the infamous night in Monte Carlo, Wells broke the bank with a series of astonishing 23 consecutive wins.

After he won nearly 1 million francs, he returned to Monte Carlo for the continuation of his lucky night. Charles tried his luck again and secured nearly the same amount of winnings as the first time. Although he was suspected of cheating, the casinos didn’t find any rigged actions or behaviors from his side.

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