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As the MSM attempts to fill the airwaves with “news” whether it’s the Russia ‘threat’ or the China ‘threat’. Anything to distract from the criminality…

In one year the Hong Kong protests have produced 2 deaths. One of which was the protestors throwing a brick at an older mans head and another was someone falling off a roof. On the other hand 13 people were killed by police in the first week of American protests.

As imperialist violence comes back home to the United States its worth noting a comparison between the two sets of protests as well as the hypocrites in the United States that has seen a staggering 13 deaths in a little over a week and the army called in in the…

Cambridge Analytica openly boast about winning elections via highly targetted advertisements on Facebook

China banned Facebook in 2009 as Xinjiang separatists/terrorists were using it to organise terror attacks. The separatists receive millions in donations from the NED ( $22,000,000 ) as discussed previously in an article on the hybrid warfare against China.

There was also talk of banning Facebook in Russia at the…

A screenshot from https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/02/opinion/hypersonic-missiles.html demonstrating the Ny Times knew about the upcoming assasination a day before it happened.

Illustrating beautifully, how corporate media has become little more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the State of the US regime is an article from the NYT on 1/2/2020 in which the NYT speculates over a strike on Qassem.

In fact that’s a bit of a lie. The mainstream media hasn’t…

Robert Arlan

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