Under Arrest

It will be his own Secret Service detail that arrests him. I guess. I don’t really know. Does anybody really know how this would go down? Even people at the highest level of authority — do they know how it would go down? Have we ever had a situation where the President is suspected…or at least his inner circle — is suspected- of such acts as these that we are hearing about?

His own Secret Service detail. I don’t know what time of day they would do it. I guess they would do it when the order comes down to do it. Maybe they would have to wait for some event or proceeding that the President is involved in to conclude. “Let him finish his visit with the Prime Minister of …blah blah.” Let him finish his interview with….whomever. Let him finish taking a dump. My favorite fantasy is this: He is speaking at one of those rallies he loves so much. He really has the hordes worked up into a nice lather. And then thirty Secret Service agents swarm the stage with guns out and they cuff him and walk him off the stage.

How would it be arranged? How would it be executed?

The Secret Service has a hierarchy, I guess, like any government agency. Their directors meet and communicate with other agencies. Duh, no doubt. So the directors all get together after the last damning pieces of information fall into place. They decide who knows what when. They decide when to contact the Secret Service agents closest to the President. They wait and they tell them it WILL happen. They tell them WHEN it will happen. Then, when the time comes, “Mr. President, at this time we have been order to place you under arrest.” Will they read him his rights? Will they handcuff him? Where will they take him?

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