The Benefits of Scootering

Apart from the fact that riding scooters are extremely fun and enjoyable, scooters also prove to have major body and health benefits. In fact, according to, riding a scooter is the ideal form of exercise. Here are a few reasons why:

To start with, riding a scooter is a great way to exercise and, in turn, lose weight. Unexpectedly people who ride scooters have a greater chance of fighting obesity than you many think. In just a one-minute scooter ride at around 11 mph, you can burn up to 6 calories per minute, where as with a bike you only burn around 4. interviewed 30-year-old scooter rider Michaela on how beneficial it was for her to lose weight while simultaneously enjoying riding her scooter. Michaela said:

“I do know that my sedentary occupation means I have to exercise. Some time ago I tried jogging but I did not enjoy it very much. It was the scooter which made me really enjoy exercising! I ride it at least twice a week and in three months I have lost seven pounds; my belly, bottom and thighs have firmed up,” (

Not only did Michaela see a change in her physically self, but she found that riding a scooter didn’t even seem like working out. This could prove to be a huge change in the way we think about working out; when we exercise by doing something we enjoy, it comes effortlessly with ease, erasing the stressful mindset that most people have while working out.

When it comes to energy usage, riding a scooter is equivalent to running briskly and swimming quickly. This means you can burn more calories when going for a ride on your scooter than you would in a zumba or aerobics class. Although the calorie differentiation is not shocking when you compare these forms of exercise within an hour, calculating the amount of extra calories per month that you would burn is extremely rewarding.

According to’s article, “In Western Europe scooter riding has become a new phenomenon,” (Riding a Scooter: Ideal Form of Exercise). People in Europe are excited about all the health benefits that riding scooters come with; such as shaping abdominals, thighs, calves, and glutes. Not only does riding a scooter burn fat, but it also increases your entire level of fitness and is good for your mind because it is a form of outdoor exercise. explains:

“Scooter riding requires alternation of tense and loose muscles. muscles are stretched when the body bends forward swiftly as a result of the pressure exerted by the stepping leg. The second stage is straightening of body position in which back and belly muscles are being relaxed,” (Riding a Scooter: Ideal Form of Exercise).

These principles of effective exercise prove that riding a scooter is not only enjoyable but incredibly fun.
So next time you’re dreading going to the gym, think about investing in a scooter. You will never second guess your workouts again, mostly because they won’t even feel like work outs! To read more about how scootering is beneficial for your health, read this article published on

Bobby Caples is a DJ, nonprofit guy, and a few other things, but mostly the first two!

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