2016 Can Not Happen For The Republicans

Republicans, from the beginning, chose not to resolve any of the following three main issues, critical to The Minority Block, in an effort to have at least a chance of getting The Presidential nod in 2016:

1) Negotiate a compromise and finally settle the Immigration issue.

2) Negotiate a reasonable increase in the minimum wage.

3) Negotiate to eliminate certain tax loop holes for wealthy individuals as well as curtailing corporate inversion.

These issues greatly influence how the ever increasing minority voting block will react toward Republicans in 2016. Voting distribution in 2012 was: 28% minority, 36% white female & 36% white male. It has been suggested the Minority (MIN) Voting Block could reach 34% in 2016 and 80% could vote Democratic. The remaining 66% could split even between White Females (WF) and White Males (WM) as they did in 2012. This is where the math starts to become interesting, should The Republicans continue to ignore the three issues above and the 80% MIN is unchanged. 2012 showed WF split between Democrats & Republicans. Based on the latest polls and Trump’s alleged treatment of women brings us to the following mathematical certainty on November 8, 2016:

Minority: .34 X .80 = 27 % for Democrats .34 X .20 = 07 % Republican

White Female: .33 X .60 = 20 % for Democrats .33 X .40 = 13 % Republican

White Male: .33 X .12 = 04 % for Democrats .33 X .88 = 29 % Republican

TOTAL 51% for Democrats 49 % Republican

The real question is quite obvious: Where are The Republicans going to scrape up the obvious shortage from the 88% of White Boys needed to win the popular vote by a simple majority. Feel free to massage these numbers and see how difficult it is to nudge the 88%. We, of course, are all aware the popular vote A President does not make. Current evidence shows Democrats have a lock on 272 out of 270 needed to become President. OOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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