The real question is: Do the voting polls truly reflect what the voters are really saying? The answer is probably NO, but why is that so? “The Donald’s” ardent supporters will say “The Donald” is doing much better than the polls suggest and that HE has won all three debates hands down because the polls are rigged. The problem with this conclusion is: Where do these supporters get their information? Yes, right out of the horse’s (Elephant) mouth. How can anyone dispute the final word of “The Donald”? We, of course, witness differently.

The parallel universe is, however, quite different. Let me attempt to explain as follows. “The Donald” has, on numerous occasions, made comments and actions to the chagrin to even HIS most fervent followers, who by their nature are extremely disturbed due to their staunch conservative upbringing and possible adverse influence on the upbringing of their children. They have a serious dilemma which is: do they continue to support “The Donald” or do they dessert Him in deference to their parental guidance.

The problem is that: Should they succumb to the latter, many may go into the voting booth and pull the lever for other than :The Donald” and then tell their, ever so strong, peer group they in fact voted for “The Donald”. They must take this course of action so they will not be considered a pariah among the people they will share their lives with.

I submit to you the parallel universe theory will apply and what ever the polls tell us will be skewed in favor of “The Donald” and differ from the actual voting results on November 9, 2016. (IE) The voter may not be totally honest about which lever they pulled inside the privacy of the voting booth and “The Donald” will end up in deep DooDoo.

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