VOTER FRAUD???????????????????????

WOW! This blithering idiot is going to have a probe (investigation) into Voter Fraud to conduct A Witch Hunt (his words) to find those 3 million voters who allegedly lied and voted for Hillary and nor for Donald!!!!!! Again who gives a S**T, apparently only Trump. He has won The Presidency, so He should get over the fact that many people do not like “The Donald”. Why would this investigation be a bad thing?

  1. The cost would be prohibitive and who in Congress is going to authorize?
  2. This type investigation has been done more times than we care to mention and to no avail. They found the violations to be so minimal they are not even heard in the noise level.
  3. Suppose that, in the unlikely event flagrant violation and rampant voter fraud is discovered, does that, in itself, negate or put into question all: Local, State and Federal elections in 2016. Any one in the opposite party would have to be a moron not to jump on the band wagon and get his opponent’s seat reversed or back to the voting booth.
  4. Most important: Do we not have significant issues that need attention in this Country? Could this self aggrandizing and paranoid type thinking place The USA in grave danger because our leaders took their eye off the ball pursuing this aimless venture?
  5. When we finish this hazardous enterprise, then what do we do or more precisely, what is next?

I keep harping on the fact that the so called Stalwart Republicans, in The House and The Senate, continue to stand mute as this Schizo, Hypochondriac continues to embarrass the people of this Country in the eyes of The World. How long will you Politically Correct Animals take before exercising your Constitutional right to enforce The 25th amendment, as a prelude to articles of impeachment? Maybe, for some reason, this idiot of A President may choose that avenue in lieu of resignation? Is Donald at least as good a man as Richard Nixon, who resigned for the good of The Country?


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