It’s logical AF.

There’s been something on my mind, and I have to let it out, here it is:

Quitting is stupid. Most of the time.

There’s this idea that quitting is freeing and that it’s all flowers and unicorns, it isn’t. Quitting a vice is amazing, you’re an alcoholic, you quit alcohol…

Through the eyes of a student.

We live in special times. This time last year, the world was normal according to me. It all went downhill after the movie Cats was released. Damn you, Taylor Swift.

After a lengthy lockdown in the U.K, colleges opened up, mine opened up in September, and it was far different…

Your internal dialogue matters.

You may have read a book called the Secret. It’s a weird book about the Law of Attraction, in the book, there’s a section about affirmations. I started experimenting with affirmations, but to do so, I stopped saying negative phrases for a week.

That week was golden.

I couldn’t sustain…

What should one do with Negativity?

We’re taught to think positive self-help books tell us that positivity is important for success, but have you ever questioned why? Don’t you need to kick your butt to succeed?

The problem is that there is a lot wrong with negative thinking. …

2020 has been weird and wonderful

2020 has been a weird, crazy, and erratic year, we were going to war, then Kim Jong Un came back to life, and then COVID-19 came along, nice. As much as we hate 2020, I think it could’ve been one of the best years ever for humanity.

2020 Was Uncomfortable.

It made us…

Ask these questions instead.

Before I head off to university, like every other student, I was asked, what do you want to do with your life? I answered I want to be rich and be some hotshot. …

Ways to become creative.

Creativity and eccentricity are associated together in the same way that rockstars and drug overdoses go together, it’s a better love story than Twilight, but to be honest, you and I both know that creativity is dead.

The good thing is, creativity is dead. You don’t need to reinvent the…

It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

We tell ourselves that today is going to be a good day and we’re going to accomplish today’s goals, but sometimes we trip and stumble, it’s not that you’re a bad lazy person.

You haven’t structured you’re day right, or maybe you haven’t exercised or it’s the food you’re eating.

Get Up Early.

Bobby Dubey

Writer, thinker, and coffee Drinker. Let's connect:

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