Donald Trump is a creation of the media

Lots of reasons are put forward for Donald Trump’s surprising results in the Primaries. According to some commentators, he’s a lot smarter than he looks. Others say that he has tapped into a vein of disillusionment with politics. Others that he represents the “ordinary Joe”. None of this is true.

Donald Trump is a creation of the media. He is the result of the two standards applied to the Left and the Right in Western politics. On the Left, politicians are scrutinised to death. Every act, every relationship, every word, is analysed and thrown back at them. Minor mistakes that they made decades ago are dug up and used as evidence for their unsuitability for office. On the Right, politicians are air-brushed. Inexperience becomes a virtue. Mistakes become evidence of their humanity. Ignorance is a strength.

The result of this bias is that the leaders of the Left (such as Obama, Clinton and Carter) have to be Snow White — with spotless pasts, presents and futures. Anything less and they are annihilated. The leaders of the Right (such as Trump, Bush and Reagan) are held to different standards. They can boast about “not reading books” (Bush) or (falsely) say that “There is no word in Russian for freedom” (Reagan) or call an entire nation (Mexico) “rapists” (Trump). Mistakes that would sink a Democrat boost the ratings of a Republican. Imagine Hillary calling everyone in Britain a “paedophile”. Not only campaign over but career over. Donald gets a spike in the polls.

When two political philosophies are held to such divergent standards, it’s inevitable that one of them (the one that is held to no standard) produces a Donald Trump. It couldn't happen on the other side. A Democrat version of Trump wouldn't win an election for Deputy Sheriff in a backwater town. He would be instantly exposed as the ignorant buffoon that he is. Trump is a creation of the kid glove treatment that the Right receives from the media.

Don’t over-analyse Trump. He’s exactly what he appears to be. Held to the same standards as Clinton, he wouldn't stand a chance. Clinton versus Trump is like Mohammed Ali versus Katy Perry. But it won’t be like that. Her experience, compassion, strength and humanity will be picked over for flaws. His naivety, arrogance, privilege and inhumanity will be glossed over and made attributes. It’s called “fixing” in boxing.

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