Three reasons Karen Budd-Falen is unfit to lead the Bureau of Land Management
Greg Zimmerman

Budd-Falen will be replacing BLM Director NEIL KORNZE, who was Harry Reid’s top adviser/aide; who Reid did in fact persuade Obama & the US Senate to confirm KORNZE as [his] BLM Director in 2014; who 2 weeks later did in fact order 200 mercenaries & snipers to invade the Bundy Ranch & impound Cliven’s cattle off of “Gold Butte NV”.

Harry Reid & his son Rory are in fact the contracted “brokers” for ENN Solar from China, to build their Tax Subsidized $7 Billion Solar Energy Plant farm in ‘Gold Butte NV’.

Harry Reid did in fact vet Gloria Navarro about his ‘Gold Butte NV’ project, before he had Navarro appointed as [his] chief fed judge of NV.

Navarro is the fed judge, who ordered the Bundy Ranch people in jail with no bail (now for 1 1/2 years), & is hell bent to keep them in prison for life.

That is in fact “racketeering” people’s life, liberty & property rights, under the State & Federal RICO laws.

I too have a RICO story to tell:

These named corrupt politicians are not above the law.

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