Many millennials are developing a passion for spending time outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or something else, more and more people realize the great benefits of spending time outside. If you’re looking for a new hobby or something exciting to try, consider embarking on a backpacking trip. Even if you’re a rookie, there are plenty of options out there for you; simply take a weekend trip! You do not have to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. Get the basics you’ll need for a day or two and then head to a beautiful park.


While all the proper backpacking…

If you’re planning on taking a trip that lasts for a few weeks or several months, it can be challenging to know what to take with you. For college students, this dilemma often occurs when you’re planning on studying abroad. For young professionals, sometimes they move to a far away destination for a new job or to simply try living there. It’s far too costly and time-consuming to take everything you own with you, so it’s important to know how to pack efficiently. Here are tips for packing for that long trip.

Plan for the weather

When you’re traveling…

In the last few years, podcasts have become increasingly popular. There are podcasts on virtually any topic, hosted by people who are merely curious about a topic to experts who have worked in their industry for decades. For our busy lives, podcasts are the perfect solution for those of us who find it difficult to find time to read and absorb new information. Podcasts can be listened to virtually anywhere that you have access to the internet and can make your day much more interesting.

Enhance your career

Podcasts are a fantastic way to enhance your career. If you’re…

Throughout the northern United States, there is no shortage of destinations for people seeking some old-fashioned autumnal charm. Whether you crave small-town Americana or big-city excitement, America still has plenty of fall appeal if you know where to look.

The highlight of any fall vacation is experiencing the foliage and the surrounding breathtaking landscape. Fall is an outdoor lover’s paradise. If you want to take more than a day trip, however, it isn’t enough to have beautiful scenery. You also need a place to stay and things to do. …

There is nothing quite like studying in a foreign country and learning about a different culture. While many students make lifelong friendships and experience memorable adventures studying abroad, it’s important to choose wisely before making this decision. For many students, traveling far away from friends and family can be a scary concept, but there are ways to choose which places are a better match than others.

Choose your likes and dislikes

The first thing you should do is start asking yourself questions about your likes and dislikes. This is the best way to begin the process of choosing a host…

A mentor is someone who helps a less-experienced person navigate life, school, or business. The relationship between the mentor and mentee is based on mutual trust and a common respect between both parties. A good mentor understands the role they play and adheres to boundaries, knowing their main purpose is to be reliable, caring, and supportive. When it’s a good match, having a mentor while you’re in undergraduate or grad school can be a priceless tool, providing you with advantages other students will never get to experience.


The life of a student is filled with stress and worry, and…

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), business has been the single most common college major since 1980. There are many reasons why so many students choose to study business at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Useful in any industry

No matter what industry you end up leaning towards, a business degree can help you land a job and find success. The reason it has a reputation as the one-size-fits-all degree is that there will always be a need for job candidates with core business skills such as management, accounting, planning, and organization. …

If you’re considering working abroad, there are plenty of details you need to take into consideration. Working in another country is an amazing experience and can teach you skills you would never learn otherwise. You’re fully immersed in a culture different than your own and get to meet many interesting people. However, there are plenty of details to consider before looking for a job abroad; you need to make sure it’s a viable option for you and you’re prepared for it.

How you’ll find the job

Are you planning on finding a job before moving? While this method is certainly…

When you get your first full-time job, it’s a wonderful feeling. You’ll get a sizeable paycheck, probably higher than you’ve ever gotten before. It can be tempting to go out and spend it on something awesome to treat yourself, but it’s vital to start making smart money decisions as soon as possible. You can enjoy some of the money you’re earning, but a full-time job means you need to make some serious financial decisions. Here are a few tips to follow in order to get yourself in the best financial standing possible.

Negotiate your salary

The initial step to take…

Documentaries are playing a larger part in media than ever before. Thanks to mediums like Netflix or HBO, it’s incredibly simple to access these documentaries at any time. Filmmakers understand that the public wants to educate themselves and raise awareness about important issues, so documentaries covering various causes are becoming more and more common. For virtually any topic, you can find a documentary highlighting the main points of it and providing great insight. Some documentaries are more accurate and comprehensive than others, so do your research first and watch a few on the same issue.


Blackfish is a documentary…

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Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos currently attends the University of Miami. He loves traveling, basketball, soccer, music & more.

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