Website Redesign + Strategy

A website redesign is a major investment for any business. Don’t waste your company’s time & money by hiring a firm that doesn’t focus on business goals and brand aspirations before design. The real value and true potential of a redesign will only come from having a clear purpose and strategy for the new website. At Propr Design, we insist on asking and answering the tough questions about your business.

The Must Answer Q’s

Some firms promise an easy or fun process or a beautiful end product. We promise a challenging process that at times is uncomfortable, but brings your business real results. Here are some of the questions we require a clear answer for before we design anything (and we know how to help you get these answers):

Who is your audience? 
Why are they coming to your site?
What are your goals for the site?
What is your brand personality?
What is your expertise?
What is your perceived differentiator?
Is you visual brand in order?

The Strategic Formula

Once we answer these questions, we have a trusted formula to guide the user experience and interface design of your new site. First we declare your expertise and positioning and perceived differentiator, then the rest of the content strategically supports this position, while we make it a priority to engage your users and convert them into customers or leads. The process is consistent, but the effort and results are always unique, just as your business is unique.

Sounds simple in theory, but most firms focus on pleasing the client, and not thinking strategically on how to give the client the largest return on their investment. With this approach, we consistently see our clients, whether eCommerce or lead generation, get a full return on their redesign project within 2 years.

That’s the Propr way to approach a website redesign.