JavaScript Fatigue Fatigue
Quincy Larson

Great article! I dont really understand why so many comments are angered by the mention of front end web development being complex? He didnt say it was more difficult or requires more intelligence then other popular programming ecosystems. And yes at its current incarnation, front end development really is a crazy mess of rapid obsolescence and emerging concepts getting replaced by newer ones for typically a few months at most. On top of that same situation for the tools, the languages we use also deal with those same problems and its all mostly open source and stacked a billion turtles high on dependencies that all have those same troubles. Not to mention the responsive issue, the browser/OS variation issues and the fact that we still haven’t settled on a really convincing long term approach, we are the strugglers in a unique storm of chaos. Its difficult in a very specific way which isnt to say any other ecosystem easy at all! But it is to say they are less schizophrenic and far more stable. The fact that most of our tools and libraries are built open source by a massive global army of developers who all have different ideas and philosophies that influence the ecosystem is another factor that makes the front end a little different especially when we consider the amount of developers and scale of activity thats involved. There is absolutely not a similar situation for example SQL database devs and to say otherwise is just not possible with a straight face. Many people do leave the front end web ecosystem in recent years to find stability and sanity in others. A very close friend who works for the US gov on databases mentioned to me how he was feeling the stress to the point of fearing a mental breakdown before he switched and now the guy went from being a twitching, manic mess to being totally relaxed and happy with the stable and more boring world of the server side. He isnt using his brain any less, but he is far less stressed after leaving client side perdition. Its not about prestige for the front, its just about the acknowledging the madness.

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