How to stand on the shoulders of giants
Quincy Larson

Thanks so much! You have no idea how bad i needed to read this. You may have just had a bigger positive impact on my life than any other single piece of advice. Ive wasted so much time due to my ambition and pride topped with a perfectionist neuroticism. Its hurt me to the point that i’ve even lost a fiancé and probably a future family because of my relentless and stubborn approach to development. Before this, it took me years to realize that coding was not some art form that needs to be done over again from the start until you find the best and most clever way with the most current theories and best practices of the day included. I would rebuild an e-commerce app 7 times in different languages and frameworks and varying stacks and dont even get me started when it comes to UI perfection. Literally it was a crippling psychosis and while I did gain lots of experience and knowledge, i had lost so much time, money, happiness, and even people who mattered and who I expected to wait for eternity until I got every project “just right” while she would be crying alone to my oblivious surprise. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write this. — Rob

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