5 Truths Only Depressives Understand
Amy Clover

Wow you did an amazing job with this post! A lot of my depression is tied to perfectionist attitudes that i cant seem to change oddly, but i end up in the same mode and youve explained it impressively well! And your advice is possibly the best ive heard as well. It sounds absurd and pathetic but you feel so worthless than only someone begging you to be around them or swearing up and down how much they love you and how they need you.

Its really since while im feeling fine at the moment the entire thing sounds so ridiculous! And i love life and my loved ones yet i can spiral so quickly that death becomes salvation in my darker thoughts because “im not one of the greatest men in history so therefore im a total waste and have no purpose whatsoever…” how repulsive is that? And knowing how crazy it is doesnt seem to get the demons out of me until they are ready!

Im not sure it love is the answer but its much more helpful than drug abuse and bs therapy or any other “new” cure for the soul. Yep, ill be be betting on love along with you

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