Ranking Every Soundcloud Rappers Face Tattoo from worse to worst

Tattoos and hip hop have always had a history, Tupac’s Iconic Thug Life across his chest, Lil Wayne’s Fear God on his eyelids. These tats told a story and sold a image

But…. The year is 2017 and times have changed in hip hop, where the stories of old school hip hop tattoos were written by history and culture, today’s tats seem to be written by xans and molly.

For this list I left off the more popular SC rappers like 21 savage & Lil uzi in favor of up and coming rappers,

Let me know, is this what it takes to be a successful rapper these days? Does the Image mean more than the music?

5.) Lil Xan

California Rapper Lil Xan has over 10 Million plays on soundcloud, gaining major steam for his song “betrayal” , however If it wasn't for “1996” being tattooed on him we probably wouldn't of guessed he’s a day over 16. Notable tattoos include Xanarchy across his forehead, Candy (after his mother) or his right cheek and the triple Z representing getting low of xanax. Thats a lot a dedication for a drug that just makes me fall asleep.

4.) Lil Peep

Gustav Ahr, Better known by 15 year olds as “Lip Peep” is a singer/soundcloud rapper who’s songs like “beamerboy and benz truck” have reached over 10 million soundcloud plays. Theres really no theme to peeps face tats, the rapper him self has even confessed to just waking up after long nights drunk off the xan to new face tats gotten while blacked out. Some notable tats are on his forehead “get cake, die young” and a huge red “A” for anarchy on his cheek. Other tattoos include a horseshoe for good luck in between his eyebrows, a broken heart bellow his eye and “crybaby” showcasing his sensitivity above his eyebrow.

3.) 6ix9ine

Anyone wanna guess this guy’s favorite number? This Juggalo reject (and im assuming Rob Gronkowski’s favorite rapper) is 6ix9ine, repping his click “H.I.V/Scum gang”. Not giving away any spoilers but the general theme of these face tats have something to do with what Cosmo ranks as the 3rd most uncomfortable sexual act. He dons a large 69 on the left side of his head along with the saw’s franchise jigsaw on his cheek, This plus his rainbow colored hair are his signature look. His videos on youtube have over 5 million plays, The rapper is currently under investigation for sexual relations with a 13 year old.

2.) xxxtentacion

Soundclouds most notorious rapper is currently awaiting trial for aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering…. Sheesh. X’s most notable and new tattoo is either the tree from the lord of the rings or timberlands logo, Im not that sure, the only explination the rapper gave was “isnt, it clear I dont give a fuck” Other face tats include “anararchy” across the side of his face

1.) Arnoldisdead

The least known on this list is Arnoldisdead, this young producer/rapper has Anne frank tattooed on the whole left side of his face, or as he calls her….. Xan Frank (short for xanax) this is an old photo however, in the new version Anne has a marijuana leaf on her cheek. When asked why? Arnold replied….”I dont have a reason, its just Xanarchy.”