I, Racist
John Metta

Yes, I am racist sometimes. I will definitely admit that. Two things I take issue with though — first, black men are only six times as likely as whites to be incarcerated, not twenty times as this piece purports. Second, I understand that racism is about oppression, but I definitely see blacks who are prejudiced against me. Even this article says all whites are complicit with a racist system. Blacks definitely have preconceptions about me based on race; we’ve all been raised to make assumptions about other races, good or bad. And it does benefit me over other races. Still, I’m not a politician, and I am a selfish human with human feelings. Honestly, I’m glad I have privileges. The world is unfair, but I didn’t draw the short stick.

I read this article from beginning to end. Yes, sometimes it hurt my feelings, but that’s okay. Sometimes, when we talk about race, black people’s feelings will be hurt, and that’s okay too.

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