Fergit, Hell

TW for racist imagery.

There’s a prevailing sentiment on my social media that progressives/liberals should just shut up. Get over it. Move on. Get on the TPOP* Train or get run over.

And within the last 24 hours, we’ve heard “Give him a chance!” over and over. My immediate response:

Like conservatives gave Obama a chance? Because I remember how they unified and supported the president over the past eight years. If the GOP in Congress consider themselves leaders, I am prepared to follow their example: I will disrupt, dismiss, heckle, fight, protest, obstruct, and fart in the general direction of any TPOP* initiative.

And I feel the question must be asked: If you’re diagnosed with cancer, would you give it a chance? TPOP* is the visible tumor of a systemic disease in this country. We don’t need to ignore him. We need to excise him. Immediately.

Here in the Deep South we don’t forget a slight. We don’t forget ANYTHING. That’s why we have so many people who are still hung up on the Civil War, and why so many of us understand there are two kinds of northerners: Yankees, and Damned Yankees. The Yankees come to visit. The Damned Yankees come to stay. The title of this blog entry is taken from something white Southerners have said (and in some cases, continue to say) in my lifetime: Fergit, Hell!

Well, I am staying true to my Southern roots. I haven’t forgotten. I won’t forget. I won’t ‘get over it.’ I have seen Republicans run this country into the ground, resulting in the biggest economic recession in 70 years. I’ve observed them shut down the government. I’ve watched them ignore their duty to country and instead curry favor with party. I have seen them embolden the worst segment of society and then sit back and say “What? Us? No! We didn’t do that!” Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

The hell you didn’t. I see you, GOP. And I know you for what you are. Lifelong liberals may give you the benefit of the doubt, but I will not. I was a conservative for many years. I know your playbook. I’ve seen the hurt you cause and the fear you instill among people who are marginalized. You are not solely responsible for the deepening divisions of class and race in this country. But you have contributed to it. You have empowered bigots and advocated for the reduction of rights for People of Color, those of different faiths (or no faith at all), LGBTQIAP+ and the disabled. To borrow someone else’s phrase: You love America, but you hate Americans.

I am done playing nice — even if it makes people uncomfortable. I won’t get over it. Not now. Not ever. I used to be the kind of voter who evaluated candidates on their platforms, who examined specific issues, who took every individual race and tried to carefully weigh the the viewpoints and judge who was the better individual candidate. Republicans and Democrats had an equal shot at getting on my ballot. But this election has taught me different.

Until this election cycle, I was always able to believe that the GOP men (and women) seeking the highest office in our land were fundamentally good, if flawed, people. I’ve voted for George H.W. Bush, for Bob Dole, for George W., and for John McCain. I continue to give W. the benefit of the doubt. I still believe he was a good man overmatched by challenges that would have shipwrecked even the best of presidents. I skipped 2012 because I didn’t think Obama had been treated fairly by a Congress that seemed determined not to do any work, and I couldn’t vote for Romney to replace him, because Obama had done nothing to lose his job. Obama wasn’t my candidate, but he became my president, and I tried to treat him fairly — despite the GOP Congressional delegation being unable to do so. But then TPOP* came along, and everything changed.

You nominated, and your supporters elected, a Day-Glo orange mummy with the wit and wisdom of a toilet brush, an ego larger than Texas, and zero experience in government. You had a duty to nominate the best candidate for the job — to put forth a candidate who represented the best of what the Republicans should be. And you gave us a gold-plated buffoon who doesn’t even know what the three branches of our Federal government do. He’s so damned dense and self-absorbed, he might not know what the three branches ARE. The GOP traded in its values, and it did so like Esau trading his birthright for a bowl of soup. Since I can no longer count on the Republican Party to nominate decent human beings — never mind qualified ones — I have become the progressive equivalent of a pro-life voter. From now on, I care about One. Single. Issue.

My issue is not:

The economy, although that’s important.

Immigration, even though that’s important, too.

Fighting terrorism, which we’re apparently no good at anyway.

My issue is simply this:

The hell with the GOP.

I will never again vote for any Republican candidate in any election, from President to dog catcher. I will not support any Republican legislation. I will not support any Republican talking point. I will do my dead-level best to stop these people and to turn back the tide of garbage they’ve loosed onto marginalized Americans. I will not forget the unflushed orange turd they have foisted into the White House. I will not forget that they colluded with Russia and Julian Assange to alter and damage a fundamental process in American politics. I will not forget that they relied on a man (Steve Bannon) who hates Jews, Muslims, women, People of Color, immigrants, LGBTQIAP+, and disabled people.

I will NOT ‘get over it.’ I will resist, by any means necessary.

*TPOP = Talking Pile of Pigshit, which is how I will refer to the resident-elect until I see his birth certificate. Long form, bitches.