A data-driven opinion regarding the novel COVID-19

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Disclaimer: The raw data used for this article is retrieved from John Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering in their Github repository which are extracted from notable sources such as WHO, CDC and other health government sites and in no way am I manipulating their numbers based on subjectivity. Data is collected from 22 January 2020 to 11 March 2020 and one must keep in mind that the numbers will continue to change as time progress.

Also, a lot of the inferences I make contains my own opinion and may be biased. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and…

How tutoring/mentoring may be a necessary soft-skill supplement for data scientists

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There is A Lot Of Great Data Science Articles, But…

Casually reading data science articles in Towards Data Science has been my number 1 go-to site to learn new skills by many writers who share their data science journey. Many of the articles offer great straight-to-the-point content without extensive heavy technical literature reviews that often puts me in a state of confusion when compared to scientific journal articles like arXiv.

More often than not, many of the articles that aim to teach and inspire readers to pursue or do a career switch in data science cover the following topics:

  • Which degree/advanced degree gets you further into the field
  • Career prospects…

Forget Wix or WordPress, make use of what you already know to code your own site

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The Importance of Your Own Personal Site

The demand of data science jobs has been on the rise as well as the surge of applicants jumping into the bandwagon. With a Masters or PhD as most of the primary filter, HR managers will not hesitate to reject an applicant with an unimpressive CV.

A website showcasing your capabilities in handling data science or analytics projects is one great way to stand out from the rest of the applicants, especially if you do not have any advanced…

Applying a classic data science approach into my weight loss journey

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New Year New Me! But instead of having a New Year’s resolution, I have a pre-New Year’s resolution: To get my weight back to healthy range before 2020. I remembered my 3-month internship back in 2018 at an extremely fast-paced startup with high demands of progression every single day that I did not realize how much stress-eating I brought myself upon. Everyday ended with me being burnt out without any energy left to get my butt off for a quick workout.

At the end of my internship and I gained a hefty 6kg which instantly brought my BMI status to…

Making use of basic Python methods to process text data instead of Regex

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Free-Text Goldmine

From texting your loved ones, sending memes and professional usage, Whatsapp has been dominating the messenger market worldwide with 1.5 billion active monthly users. When it comes to complex NLP modelling, free text is black gold.

NLP for businesses provide enhanced user experience ranging from spell-checks, feedback analysis and even virtual assistants.

In certain situations, small businesses may create Whatsapp chat groups to relay information between members as a low-cost alternative to setting up systems to log data. Rule-based chat system on how the information is to be disseminated is agreed at the start of the chat. …

Visualizing the proportion of listings that are challenging the law of short-term accommodation

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Singapore’s Law on Short-Term Stays

Apart from the lack of picture-worthy natural sites to explore and being one of the most expensive places to live, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the best cities for short-term travelling in Southeast Asia with the most efficient public transport system, affordable dining and clean environment.

Staying in an Airbnb property has always been the go-to option for many travelers who wish to explore places on a budget with a homely experience. However, there is a law enacted against the landlords in Singapore that imposes a fine up to $200,000 if guests stay for less than 3 months in a…

The drastic contrast between formal and online courses

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The Problem with Learning in a University

Incorporating machine learning into predictive analytics has been in high demand that provides businesses the competitive edge. This hot topic is highly subscribed by undergraduates all over the world. However, being formally introduced the concepts and techniques of machine learning in universities may prove extremely daunting for the average undergraduate.

During my undergraduate winter exchange in McGill University, I enrolled myself in their Applied Machine Learning course. Yes, it was foolish of me to enroll in a graduate-level course! It started with the introduction of Linear Regression as it should be since it is the most basic machine learning algorithm…

The endless capabilities of what seems to be a general degree

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The Average Math Undergraduate

Imagine you are still in your freshman or sophomore year. Your alarm rang at 7 in the morning, you hit that snooze button, dreading for that 8:30 linear algebra lecture.

Your professor starts to give an introduction to eigenvectors while attempting to make connections to previously learned formulas, theorems and corollaries.

Your head is filled with 40% of “What the f***?”, 30% of getting distracted by your phones or other Chrome tabs, 20% of “I wonder what‘s good for lunch” and 10% of “Ah, I get it now! No wait — ”

You started the lecture with a fresh mind…

From data collecting, pre-processing to non-technical communication, these are the ever-important skills of professionals dealing with data.

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The Problem

I remembered the analytics and machine learning projects I did as an undergraduate, the professors would expect us to produce presentations and scientific reports by implementing statistical and machine learning concepts taught in class on the final few weeks of the semester. These projects have one thing in common: We are to choose readily available data sets. Usually from Kaggle. Now don’t get me wrong. Kaggle is a fantastic source of public data and a great site for…

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