Exploring how good code design and organization can bring practical benefits, including testing.

A cup of coffee.
A cup of coffee.
A cup of coffee, because, Java. [source]

Editor’s Note: One of the paramount challenges of maintaining a relatively large codebase as it continues to grow is architecturing a well-planned code organization with foresight and self-certainty early on. Bobby Priambodo witnessed such a streamlined codebase landscape when he joined Traveloka and today, he would like to share in detail his views having had experiences in interfacing with an instance of the Java- or Kotlin-based backend services in creating numerous benefits particularly for testing.

Bobby Priambodo is a lead software engineer overseeing the engineering efforts for both the Accommodation product’s Search team and the Engineering Quality team. …


Bobby Priambodo

Software Engineer at Traveloka. Functional programming and distributed systems enthusiast. Java, JavaScript, Elixir, OCaml, Haskell.

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