Is this our America?

Regardless of how upset I felt last night…Trump achieved his goal. He diverted attention from his unpleasantries, used Bill Clinton to overshadow his lack of respect for women, and he rallied his bases with direct attacks on the “Clinton Empire” (the political establishment). Even though I believe his political base is shrinking, because of the consistent reports of his business failings and moral short comings, I am even more scared of those men and women inside his political support system (the voters, funders, and firms supporting the campaign) who are looking past his moral and business shortcomings justifying his actions with hypocritical support.

Bottomline…Trump is a benefactor of the long time GOP attacks on Hillary (since her last presidential campaign) by leveraging these messages and turning them into personal muckraking that is building a larger divide. He is not making America Great Again for anyone but his own personal interest and business dealings.

As I reviewed the transcripts, he only addressed a few policy positions that made some coherent sense (ACA and taxes), but even then (during this momentary time of coherence) he diverted back away from these discussions to make personal attacks using circular thinking. We should not be so stupid.

That is my largest concern, wondering if we are actually sociologically that stupid. As much as I wanted this election to be about policy and experience, it has truly been about women’s issues…amplifying the struggle to break the glass ceiling. We see that visibly in the debates.

Maybe we needed someone’s face to pin our generalizations; a stereotypical business man who represents misogyny and rape culture. Trump represents all that and more, his audio tape and public tantrums make him just as symbolic as Ray Rice.