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As usual a well written piece! And one that is so timely too. I read so many people that condemn the older woman/man wanting to date or have as a mate that younger guy/gal.

All they want to see is what society as deemed as being right and proper. And make that just what society has said to be right only in the last 40 or 50 years. When my parents were going up and even when they married the older male/younger female was the social norm, my mom was 16 years younger than dad.

As you pointed out that older woman can now go out with that younger guy and it is nothing that anyone should look down on. She has “served” her time, raising the kids, supporting her husband and ending up at a point where they are done with being in a comfortable marriage. Often a loveless and sexless one.

This happens to us guys too.

It is so bad that some people look at that older guy/gal dating or marrying that younger one and say that they just wanted someone to be their caretaker in their old age.


Any older person with a younger date or mate now has the chance to see what life can be without the pressures of being expected to act their age. We have so much to offer each other. The experiences of age that are now coupled with a completely new set of experiences, those of a different age. Both sides benefit from that.