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From the very start of the last election cycle I have torn between being amused and being disgusted by the whole nasty affair that was that election. And not just on the Republican side, but on the Democratic side as well.

I was, and I guess, still am wondering why we have so many people of strong moral conscience supporting a man that says and does so many things that are just the opposite of their stated beliefs?

Don’t get me wrong, the former Secretary of State did her fair share of pandering for the votes, but at least people knew what they were voting for, or in some cases against.

From my position I saw that Trump was using his status as an outsider, a successful (?) businessman, and TV personally to feed his campaign. I kept hear so much about “how as an outsider” he could get so much done. I just remembered how people said about the same things about Jimmy Carter, he didn’t get it to work for him, and as it looks right now Trump isn’t doing much better.

We all need to face the reality that politics is a complicated profession. Would you go to a heart specialist that just walked in off the street saying he could do better? No, of course not. As much as we all like to say that the problems in DC can all be cured by outsiders, it ain’t going to happen.

While the rules of government seem to be weighed against common sense and progress, they actually aren’t. They are weighed towards a balanced and stable government.

It was not that many years ago that an older “outsider” came into Washington as the President, this was a man that had very strong and specific beliefs. Not everyone agreed with him, but he knew that to get somethings you have to give somethings up.

That spirit of what they now call bipartisanship was how things got done. Now we have the Republicans and the Democrats that can’t even get all the factions of their same parties to agree on anything.

Both parties have gone from being interested in the well being of our country first to putting party first. Conservatives, Liberals, and those stuck in the middle, all have ideas on the way the country should be heading. Are any of them 100% right, no, it has never worked that way.

We have gotten ourselves backed into that proverbial corner, we all want it all, everything! But we don’t want to let the other guy have anything they want. All sides feel that are being forced to accept things the other side wants.

We have to get back to that thing called bipartisanship. When Obama got elected so many had hope things would change for them, and so many were concerned that things would change for them.

Now we have the extreme right and left doing their best to hijack the entire process.

I respect that the Trump supporters see in him a cure to all that ails us as a nation. But is he? Really? He is telling people what they want to hear. But in doing so he is rapidly losing the support he needs in congress, and at the state level to do some of the things he wants, and has told his base he will give them.

He is used to managing by decree, as president he can’t do that. As president one has to be a consensus builder. As all the stories that have come out of the White House he is demanding the same type of loyalty that he demanded in his business operations. Who is there to tell him the uncomfortable truths that anyone in his position needs to hear.

He needs to put his phone down and stop using Twitter to undermine his administration.

We, both sides, the Republicans and the Democrats to get back to the ideal that the country comes first, not the party, and certainly not the outside fringes.

Trump has to not just keep appealing to his base, he has to reach out to everyone. If not he will be a one term president and take not a small portion of the part down with him.