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Hi Ash,

I really think, and god knows I might be wrong about this, that DT got into the whole politic game as a way to feed his ego. But when he started to do so surprising well, not in part the fault of the media, he started really think he was capable of doing the job. But the problem he had, was that he had no idea that the job entailed. But in all fairness, I don’t think anyone even inside of politics does.

He comes out of a business where, by his own admission, he booked no disagreements. The old phrase, my way or the highway, comes to mind. And by all accounts he could have been just as wealthy by investing all the money his dad left him in the NASDAQ SPIDER. His business has had many ups and downs, he has taken out bankruptcy many times and has a tract record of screwing over people.

But people believed his self promotion. And now he is in the place he never seriously expected to be. And without the prerequisite skills to handle the entire political process. His constant use of Twitter is his own worst enemy.

Well he last the entire 4 years? Personally I don’t think so, he is the oldest to be elected (after Ronald Reagan) and not in the best of health. If you look at all the presidents in the last 50 years they all have had the office take their tole on their health. The office will probably kill him.

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